Logitrade has a work force of almost 125 employees, half of which is in Montpellier, and the other half in agencies spread across France and abroad, close to our major customers.

Our HR policy

Diversity and parity: men and women are very evenly represented and we value high cultural diversity.

Trust: Dialogue, listening and respect are some of the values that characterize the relationships within the company.

Training: the procurement expertise of our teams is renowned and is also a result of the personalized training schemes that we implement to offer career development to our associates.

The great variety of positions: administrative professionals, buyers, engineers, sales representatives, logistic specialists… Logitrade offers a wide range of skills.

With an average age of 37 years, LOGITRADE’s teams enjoy a favorable work environment for career development. 

An organization based on support functions and sectors of activity: not only Logitrade’s management team is involved and experienced, but the company also enjoys a matrix organization that is customer satisfaction oriented. This matrix organization allows to gain more insights on the problematics, and to value skill and resource pooling per sectors of activity that share common problematics.

ECOVADIS partnership: Our societal commitment is based on the services of ECOVADIS, a collaborative platform that analyses CSR performance indicators.