At the core of our success: Your satisfaction comes first! LOGITRADE is a leader in the procurement outsourcing of non-strategic purchases for major groups. Step by step we had to create our profession which didn’t exist in this form before. We did it following principles that were customer and supplier satisfaction oriented.

Expertise and specialization: we do not sell by-products and we have developed a leading expertise solely based on our core business: procurement outsourcing. Our teams work on a project basis and develop strategies that are suited to your needs with specific and exclusive tools.

Cooperation and communication: There isn’t a one-fits-all solution, each problematic requires a specific and tailored answer. This is why listening and analyzing comes first in order to perfectly meet your needs. Trusting each other’s qualities, committing on results, sharing your challenges: many guidelines that we follow on a daily basis.

Transparency and confidentiality: Logitrade is a transparent company. We are committed to provide precise reporting on your purchasing indicators the same way we make our financial statements and communicate with rating and credit agencies. With transparency we can build trusting relationships with you that lead to long-term collaboration. Our tools, experience and procedures ensure the confidentiality of the processed clients’ information.

SME’s Charter for responsible supplier relations: Logitrade is a signatory of the SME’s Charter of responsible supplier relations which commits the large contractors on improving their relations with the suppliers.   Fair financial treatment of suppliers, collaborative engagement, reducing the risks of mutual dependence, territorial and environmental responsibility: it establishes a certain number of good practices that are in our DNA and have been observed for years.