LOGITRADE takes care of the entire supply process from the initial order to the final delivery to the customer, and of the administrative tasks (accounting, payments, …) while ensuring purchasing quality and compliance.


In compliance with your specific supply chain, we monitor and perform the entire process, from the order up to the delivery on your sites.  Service quality indicators are available and defined when contracting an agreement.

– Making the order to the suppliers

– Paying deposits

– Monitoring deadlines

– Checking the goods upon delivery before accepting the invoice when it is a direct delivery from the supplier (checking the service provided).

– Quantity and quality control based on the project scope statement if the delivery is made by LOGITRADE

– Dispute management

– Monitoring that delivery commitments are observed.

– Paying suppliers

Long-term economy levers: bulk purchasing enables tariff reduction on volume, and our “market” expertise leads to the development of long term economy levers through an optimization of the TCO associated with the nature of the expenditure.


– Expert category buyers: A platform that offers services at competitive prices, underpinned by our expert category buyers in “general costs” and MRO, is available to you.

– Software solutions and IT: With your IT teams, we implement all the communication interfaces with your Information System (ERP, e-procurement, …) as well as the expenditure analysing tools.

– We process all your requests whether you sent them by mail, email or by setting up specific interfaces with a special software application:  « Log-E-trade ».

– Supplier extranet: Logitrade has created a web platform for all of our suppliers, which allows permanent tracking from the registration up to the invoice payment.

– Identifying and complying with the regulatory requirements, tracking the suppliers’ performance, strict procedures: your procurement service meets your needs while optimizing costs and efficiency. 


– Supply monitoring: Information treatment time, quote request to order placement conversion rate, service rate, non-compliance rate, activity tracking in turnover and order volume, progress plan monitoring: a process perfectly monitored and supported by periodic indicators is available to you.

– Your procurement department’s productivity: Time saved in favor of strategic issues.

– Reduced delays between the request and the offer: This process is optimized and you benefit from a complete traceability and transparency.

– Risk management: LOGITRADE places your orders and manages the disputes that may arise. Legal aspects are secured and you also have access to “responsible” products, services and suppliers.