In addition to procurement outsourcing, LOGITRADE offers a global solution that supports stock managing and financing. This solution helps you optimize your stock management, and the necessary components to your production are continuously available.


arrow Stock management: your stock is physically on the LOGITRADE’s site . We take charge of the administrative management and monitor the receipts and issues of the goods upon request.

arrow Stock financing: your stock is dematerialized and LOGITRADE takes care of the financing. You pay for the components when you purchase them.


  • Program study
  • Receipt and issue management of goods
  • Workload schedule, production schedule
  • Goods receipt
  • IQAM control
  • FIFO management and expiry period
  • Dispute management
  • Conditioning
  • Deliveries
  • Kitting
  • Financing
  • Pay as you go

A storage capacity of about 1 500 m² spread on four agencies in France (Lisses 91 – Fontaine 38 – Toulouse 31 – Darnétal 76). Each of our logistic platform benefits from human means and from a fleet of vehicles able to manage the flow of goods.

Reinforced controls: In some cases, Logitrade acts as a liaison to ensure product compliance with non visible aspects (materials, standards, process, paint etc…). Our service relies on COFRAC certified laboratories of analysis such as LNE, APACE, CETIM, CERMAT.