As a service provider, we listen to your expectations and needs. To reach a maximum satisfaction level, we take charge of the supplying relation management to optimize all existing aspects of it.

We look after the entire procurement process from the selection of suppliers up to the final delivery to the client and we take care of the administrative tasks (accounting, payments, …) while ensuring purchasing quality.

– Selecting the suppliers

– Using competitive procedures

– Contracting an agreement

– Placing orders

– Making follow-up contact

– Invoicing and payment

– Dispute management

– Quality control

– Performance tracking

LOGITRADE has developed exclusive tools to offer you tailored Vendor Management services

Tax dematerialization:

  • Increasing administrative productivity based on process automation and instant accessibility to invoices, but also on the optimization of accounting processes and invoice approval.
  • Eliminating the use of paper.
  • Improving invoice quality of accounting systems
  • Optimizing approval processes
  • Simplifying dispute management
  • Facilitating information access and search

– Log-E-trade:

We can also pair this dematerialization process to the use of our extranet client tool – Log-E-trade – which offers a successful substitute to e-procurement tools.

The suppliers’ extranet portal:

This web access allows each supplier to monitor the invoicing process from the entry to the payment.


Administrative treatment cost reduction: accounting, order tracking, dispute management, payments…. the order treatment cost is significantly reduced.

Higher cash-flow management: the reduction of the number of suppliers, and the disappearance of supplier payment flows allow a perfect management of your cash-flow.

Higher administrative productivity: You enjoy our expertise and our management tools that optimize the productivity of your procurement service.

Better supply risk management: quality and compliance control, dispute management, performance tracking, supply data update, …. many advantages to reduce risks.

SME’s Charter for responsible supplier relations: Logitrade is a signatory of the SME’s Charter of responsible supplier relations which commits the large contractors on improving their relations with the suppliers.   Fair financial treatment of suppliers, collaborative engagement, reducing the risks of mutual dependence, territorial and environmental responsibility: it establishes a certain number of good practices that are in our DNA and have been observed for years.